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The Multiverse is a new approach to live-action roleplaying where every single player is a main character. Are you tired of sitting in a tavern for hours on end, hoping something, anything would happen? You are not alone! At Multiverse games you can forget being bored and side-lined while the same old crowd get all of the plot, attention or glory. With a ratio of one GM per 4 players and a generous NPC reward system, prepare for non-stop action and personal involvement on a level you have never experienced. Never again get bumped off of a mission because there is no room for you. Why be an in elf in the background of Rivendell? It is time to be Legolas.

The Multiverse is comprised of multiple game worlds across multiple genres, each custom designed for around a dozen players. Plotlines and adventures are constructed around these smaller player populations, so everyone stays busy and involved and no one is overlooked. Every Multiverse player volunteers at one or more of the other campaigns, creating a community of devoted staff and players that all understand both sides of the game experience. Picking up a new game has never been easier with Cause and Effect, the streamlined rules system that fits on a single piece of paper! Assemble a team of 10-12 dungeon crawlers, space fugitives or superheroes and explore the infinite worlds of the Multiverse!

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